A superset of PHP that makes PHP cool again. Plus is a work in progress, it may still change, perhaps profoundly.

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State of the art

Enjoy a simple and powerful syntax that enables developers to build very complex applications far more quickly than before. Short closures, types, enumerations are just a few examples of what you get using Plus.

Static Analysis

Plus helps you write consistent code, and discover potential errors. By default, it works with static analysers like Phpstan and Psalm - and helps you finding errors in your code without actually running it.

Yes - It's PHP

You love PHP, right? We do too. Plus works out-of-the-box with any PHP application without any need of configuration. Also, it's optional as is a per-file declaration - Painless to get started.

Try Plus in 10 seconds

Note: Plus is still work in progress and it's not out yet.

  • First, install Plus:
composer require php-plus/engine
  • Then, in your editor, add the following declare:


Route::get('/', () => view('welcome'));